A Field Guide to Marvelous Monsters


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After successfully funding about 1,000% over our initial goal, The Untamed Beastiary is now available to everyone for pre-order!
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This project has been brought to life over the last year and a half by artist Crystal Sully and her husband Trevor.


Maker of Monsters

Crystal Sully is a monster maker who lives in the beautiful state of Colorado with a husband, some cats, her family's miniature donkeys, and a dingo. She graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design with a bachelor’s degree in fine art specifically in illustration. She currently does creature art and illustration within the gaming, film and publishing industries when she’s not busy taming dragons. Some of the properties Crystal has worked on include Elder Scrolls, Pathfinder, The Dragon Lords Book Series, Paladins, Heroes of Newerth, Dragon Age RPG, Escape the Night Youtube Red Series, Orcs Must Die!, Aethera, Shattered, Lord of the Rings TCG, Call of Cthulhu, Fury of Dracula, Open Legend RPG and many more unreleased titles.



Husband and Business Partner

As a husband and wife collaborative team, Trevor (known to many as "The Booth Beard") handles much of the business side of things whether it's manning the booth at a busy convention or making color coded spreadsheets listing all of the Kickstarter costs behind the scenes. For the last year and a half he has helped with the story aspect of all creatures along with design elements of this project, packaging, and overall product fulfillment logistics. One alone could not bring this project and everything that goes into it to life, it has fully been a team effort from the very beginning when this began as an idea.



What is "The Untamed Beastiary?"

Growing up as a kid I used to explore the world around me in search of imaginary beasts, ultimately leading me to become a professional creature designer and illustrator for the gaming, publishing, and film industries. The Untamed Beastiary is a fully illustrated collection of monsters, dragons, and beasts from all across the globe. Some of them have been commissioned for popular games like Pathfinder or the covers of fantasy novels, while others were brought to life entirely for this project.

The book is written from the perspective of a young artist who discovers an old leather book locked in the attic of her grandparents after they've passed away, learning that she comes from a long line of generations who travel the world documenting hidden monsters. Determined to finish the book and follow in the footsteps of her family, the artist travels the world to witness these amazing beasts in person. The book documents her encounters with these creatures along with their habits, ancient legends, traits, offspring, and what makes them unique in this world while still including all of the vintage notes from older generations. Each creature has a unique story that will accompany the detailed artwork along with anatomical diagrams, sketches, and field notes.

Thank you for all of your support along the way, and for helping breathe life into my passion project.

- Crystal Sully  


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